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Certified Life Coach & Human Resources Consultant 

As a Certified Life Coach & Human Resources Consultant, Sharon Terry brings over two decades of  extensive HR experience to her ownership of Konnect Coaching & HR Services. She is dedicated to empowering individuals and company leaders to continuously improve the enrichment of their career life and personal life. 

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Life & Career Coaching

Human Resources

Konnect Coaching provides each client with a  mapped out journey to reach dreams and goals you just can not seem to reach. Are you worth one hour a day? We can show you how much you are able to accomplish! 

Ever thought about changing careers? We are often told exactly what we should do to earn a living but when its not what interest you, the dream wheel starts but often stops due to fear. Give us a call and we will be your ally for the journey of discovery. 

Konnect CHRS provides Human Resources services for small to mid-size companies. Bringing over 20 years of HR experience from multiple Fortune 500 companies, directly to you!  Implementing the knowledge held by Konnect CHRS gives your company the competitive edge only an experienced HR subject matter expert can. We focus on specific needs to ensure DOL compliance, process workflow, employee consistency along with ideas on implementing employee Healthcare plan options, to name a few. And with each service, we deliver value-added support. 


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